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Grenade is an aromatic liqueur bursting with freshness made from our favourite autumn fruit, which since ancient times is a symbol of prosperity and good luck in the Greek tradition. Grenade is produced from 100% natural Greek pomegranates, collected with the utmost care in Thessaly and Macedonia and turned into delicate ruby juice by the renowned company “Christodoulou Family”.



The final product, offered inside an elegant bottle, following a multitude of careful steps, including infusion, cold filtration, and intermittent resting periods, is the amalgamation of traditional recipes with the state-of-the-art expertise of EVA distillery. Grenade is a natural grenadine of crimson colour, which is derived from the fitting pomegranate variety “Wonderful” with the addition of the “Ako” variety, which lends the liqueur its delicate sweetness. Grenade’s fresh and explosive flavour is reflected by its impressive bottle, displaying a canvas of vintage gold letters forming the word Grenade on the natural background of the deep red coloured liqueur

Grenade boosts cocktail combinations with its unique flavour and colour. It is ideal as a treat or offered as a digestive after meals. It can be served neat, with tonic or in combination with prosecco in a flute glass.


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